EMS Module

FirePrograms understands ePCR needs vary from state to state, including local medical control requirements.

EMS data needs vary widely from state to state, as well as individual ever-changing Medical Control requirements.  Let us help your organization succeed in today’s challenging EMS environment.

Other competitive fire reporting systems offer limited EMS PCR capabilities and are not available in every state.  FirePrograms partners with Zoll emsCharts to provide full-featured, state-of-the-art NEMSIS 3.0 gold patient care reporting embedded within FirePrograms.

Our integrated interface allows staff to log into FirePrograms to automatically access the full range of Zoll emsCharts functionality.

Automatically links the PCR to the incident report , pushing and pulling data  from the PCR, eliminating redundant data entry.   The NFIRS 5.0 EMS form is also available within the fire incident report.

Build Dynamic Patient Care Reports that Tell a Complete Story

When minutes matter, patients – not clinical charting – are the priority. Capturing a complete ePCR records life-saving interventions and establishes the framework for the best possible outcomes across the continuum of care. ZOLL emsCharts guides medics through the patient information to collect at the scene and integrates with your CAD, Billing, and ZOLL Care Exchange products to import essential health, demographic, and insurance data from across your healthcare ecosystem. Once time-consuming data entry is reduced to minutes, enabling crews to deliver more quality care to patients and to produce a more accurate, complete ePCR that informs every step of the patient’s care, from clinical decisions to billing.

Discover why fire agencies nationwide have leveraged the power of both emsCharts and FirePrograms for all of their state NEMSIS reporting needs.

Zoll emsCharts