Extended Hours Support

7-Day / 365 support

Extended Support Hours:
● Monday – Friday > 6pm – 10pm ET
● Saturday – Sunday > 9am – 10pm ET

DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS of 8am – 5pm ET, PLEASE CALL 1.800.327.7638 for assistance. If you experience issues calling the toll-free number, call our direct local number 1.352.447.5000.

FirePrograms provides additional hours of EMERGENCY support on a per call, fee basis. The initial fee is $50 and covers up to one hour of service. Additional time is charged in 15-minute increments at the same rate ($12.50 each additional 15 minutes).

Extended Hours Support Phone Number: 1.352.447.5000 (Option 3)

FirePrograms is aware that many of our volunteer departments may be unable to conveniently call during regular business hours. As an alternative to the Extended Hours support number, which is intended to provide emergency support, an after-hours appointment can be scheduled. Contact our Customer Support team during regular business hours to schedule an after-hours appointment. Some advance notice is required and an appointment can be scheduled when a representative is available. For customers with active support contracts, there is no charge for this service.

Thank you for your support of FirePrograms!