Hosted and Local Versions

FirePrograms offers both hosted and local versions to suit your unique needs

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Why hosted?

Access anywhere you have an internet connection and run FirePrograms on our powerful server network.

FirePrograms secure RDP connection eliminates need to first go to a web browser and then log in just to start working.  Quick launch FirePrograms from any Windows PC, MAC, Tablet, or Phone.

FirePrograms performs all program updates automatically.   Create your own user logins, no need to contact us like competitors’ systems require. 

Your data is securely backed up in our data center.

Why local?

Larger municipalities often prefer to host their own data on their own infrastructure – something other website only based systems simply cannot do. No problem – our software is also configurable for server/client environments.

We work with small and large agencies all across the US and Canada hosting their own data.  One installation package is utilized for both the server and connected clients.

Updating FirePrograms at the server level is simple and fast. Most updates can be performed in under 60 seconds, to the delight of IT administrators nationwide.

Let us show you how we are hands down a better system for agencies serious about their data.

Secure access anywhere, anytime.