Best of Both Worlds

FirePrograms utilizes a secure RDP (Remote Desktop) connection to our hosted server network.  Once the RDP file is saved, no need to open a web browser, just double-click the FirePrograms icon on your desktop to log in. 

This connection methodology allows us to deploy feature-rich content and interface functionality that is not available over internet hosted websites that our competitors use.   FirePrograms RDP connects through any internet-connected device including tablets, Mac®, iPads, Windows® PCs, and smartphones.

As an added level of access, you determine whom in your agency receives the RDP file to connect into FirePrograms.

The BEST of both worlds

FirePrograms exclusive technology enables instant login to view and enter incident reports from any internet browser with SceneConnect™.   Have you ever wanted to fill out an incident report on-scene from your phone or tablet? Go right ahead!

Our advanced coding deploys smooth data entry directly from your phone with real-time validation.    NFIRS warnings are displayed, and connection to the database enables your personnel and street lists to populate.   Integrates with our Scheduling module.

Make productive use of your downtime by entering incident reports using any web browser from your phone, tablet or PC – no software to install. 

Quickly enter an incident report right from your phone