FirePrograms Training

Your agency's success through education

Interacting with the agency’s business system is as critical a skill as any in today’s data-driven environment.

Deploy FirePrograms customized On-Site and Online training programs to every level of your organization, from senior staff to new firefighters.  Training programs are designed to enhance your skills to get the most out of your FirePrograms.

Our instructors are well versed in fire service operations – many with decades of senior fire service and corporate/government experience.  Deploy our best practices to the benefit of your agency and community.  Learn how to provide better data to support improved agency insurance ratings.

Both On-Site and Online classes are tailored to meet your agency’s specific goals and can be geared to administrators or end users.  Advanced user training covers system administration, data analysis, system reporting and more.  Benefit from choosing the number of days/hours for training and create a custom agenda.

Regional training sessions are available, allowing interaction with other agencies to share operational procedures and program tips.  Fundamental program concepts and critical data entry practices are taught in two-day sessions.

If you would like to host a regional training session in your area, email us:

Full suite of modules - architected to put you in the driver’s seat of superior data analysis.