Data Browsers

Rapidly view summary data

Our records summary browsers support rapid searches for Incidents, Properties, Personnel, Hydrants, Assets (Inventory), Department Logs, System Reports, Maintenance Requests/Work orders and more.

Every browser can be easily formatted with simple drag-and-drop functions, no coding necessary.   “Add a field” from the record as a column in the browser to instantly sort records by that data element.   As an example, add “Member Making Report” as a column header and then filter by specific members who entered reports over a date range.

Embedded keyword search functions highlight records instantly.

Competitor systems push ‘one-size-fits-all’ records lists out via the web which may not be customizable for your given data analysis needs.  EASILY set custom views and defaults per user or globally for all users.

Fast drag-and-drop functions allow you to re-arrange the data to your liking.  Quickly print or email the list directly out of FirePrograms.