Interfaces and APIs

Global connections

FirePrograms core philosophy is distinctly different from our competitors.  Whereas competitors attempt to be ‘all things to everybody’, in our 37 years providing Records Management Systems to the fire service, we inherently understand that technology moves with greater speed every day.

FirePrograms focuses our energy and development efforts on continuously expanding the most robust fire reporting available in the marketplace.  Our system is focused on serving those that are serious about their data and business needs with a cost-effective platform.

We are pleased to apply our exclusive APIs to leverage the latest advancements in technology for our customers.

Multiple CAD vendors

Processing dozens of file types and formats, ability to pull CAD data or have CAD data pushed to both hosted and local installations

EMS – Patient Care Reporting


The industry’s most comprehensive NEMISIS EMS and HL7 application

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Billing Services

API with Fire Recovery: Automatically pull incident data and narratives to initiate the invoice and cost recovery processes for fire, EMS and inspection services.

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Data analysis

API with StatsFD:  Data analysis services for accreditation.

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CAD analysis data

API with Fire Department Computerized Management Solutions: CAD analysis and Incident data exchanges


Systems Definition

SDI is a Northern Virginia-based, Maryland-incorporated business providing innovative software applications for the First Responder community, as well as technical services and software engineering to federal agencies, DoD contractors, public sector agencies, and commercial organizations.

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