SceneConnect™ Web Portal

From any internet connection, log into your incident browser to access or create complete incident reports.  SceneConnect Login

State-of-the-art coding empowers you to enter and edit incident records on the fly from any device, anywhere.  No software needed. 

Intelligent form technology automatically detects and sizes the form to maximize the space on your device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, PC or wide-screen TV.

Works in conjunction with your CAD interface to view and edit your incidents in real time.  Access and enter Hydrant data, Property info, Property Inspections and much more, right from your phone or tablet.

Manage all aspects of staffing data, including shift calendars, shift trades, status request and staffing availability.

Stuck on scene waiting for the utility company to arrive?  Go ahead and start your incident report on-scene from our mobile-friendly interface.

The best of both worlds – all the power of FirePrograms hosted server technology with instant access from anywhere.

Secure internet access anywhere, anytime.