System Reporting

Great data going into a system is nearly useless if it lacks a robust reporting system.  Competitive systems push ‘one-size-fits-all’ canned reports out via the web that are not customizable and may not be available for a given analysis need.

FirePrograms deploys a powerful, integrated system reporting module that has the best of both worlds:   professional system reports and the ability to custom modify each report for your own unique agency needs.

Create custom reports with our built-in report creator.  No third party report software needed.

EVERY report can be easily filtered by any data element, without the need to understand report coding.  Filters are in plain English, such as “Is Last Year”, “Is Next Week”, “Incident Type is “111 – Building Fire”, “Actions Taken = Body Recovery”.

Automate your workflow with exclusive report scheduling – your report can be filtered and distributed automatically to personnel in your organization, and organizations and constituents outside of your agency.


Fire Departments around the country migrate every month from other software systems to utilize our powerful data reporting and data analysis functions.